My Favorite Time of the Year

For all of us that live north of the equator, last Friday, September 23, 2011 was the first day of Autumn, or Fall.

Know what usually happens in the Fall, other than leaves changing color and the temperature dropping? For many communities around the country it is time to have their last garage sale of the year. The holidays are coming, and with the economy the way it is, people will be selling some nice stuff to make extra money for the coming holiday season. Money for Gifts, for Parties, for Fairs/Carnivals, and for Family Feasts. And sometimes people sell stuff just to make room for more stuff or different stuff. In the next few weeks there will be a plethora of Community Sales, Church Bazaars, Yard Sales, Garage Sales,  throughout the country.

What an opportunity to grab some really great bargains and have some fun. Now that the temperatures are dropping a bit, people seem to be in a better mood and more friendly. Don’t be surprised if you find some Pumpkin Muffins, Banana Nut Muffins, or Blueberry Muffins, and Hot Chocolate or Hot Coffee at some of the sales over the next few weeks.

When the final sale is over many sellers will be determined to get rid of the leftovers and will take the stuff and donate it to their local thrift shop. It will certainly be worth your time to check out your neighborhood thrift store early each week, for the next few weeks. Another thing you might want to do after those final sales is cruise those neighborhood streets in the early morning on trash pick-up day. You’ll be amazed at what people put in the trash when that last sale of the year is over. And people usually put the stuff on top of the trash bin, because they hate to throw it away and they’re hoping someone will take it. Some of the things I’ve found in the trash include a nice old 1940’s Philco Tube Type radio, a Victorian Parlor Chair, and an old Art Deco Style Electric Toaster. I still have the radio, it works and it goes good with my decor I sold the chair for $200 and sold the toaster for $35.

I went to an awesome Estate Sale last Saturday and bought over 100 pieces of Estate Jewelry.  If all goes well, tomorrow I’ll be listing some of it in my Etsy shop, Bourbon Street Vintage and time permitting, I’ll be blogging about it here.


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